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They Will Surf Again

While I was away in San Francisco last weekend, my dear friend Tommy took my brother surfing.

Now you may think that’s just an average statement. So what if your brother goes surfing with a friend…right?  Wrong…this is a life changer folks.  Tommy introduced us to the Life Rolls On Foundation to which I am now a volunteer and avid supporter, especially of their They Will Surf Again program.  Life Rolls On brings together able-bodied individuals with a heart to motivate and facilitate those with spinal cord injuries to be able to get out and enjoy what normally might be extremely difficult or seem impossible.  For last week’s They Will Surf Again event, they had approximately 125 volunteers and 25 paralyzed surfers turn out. What a fabulous organization! 

My brother, Michael, was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident almost 20 years ago. He is one of the most tremendous people I’ve ever met and inspires me consistently!  When he mentioned he wanted to try going out and surfing with Mark and I a while back, I was completely open-minded, but cautious as to how we’d keep him on the board and not sand burn that gorgeous mug of his. 🙂 Just a week or two later, Tommy came to me with the idea to get Mike out in the water at Bolsa Chica beach with the Life Rolls On group.  This would be Mike’s first time out surfing.  Needless to say, once you look at the quick shots below, you’ll see how great it went.  Both Tommy and Mike were on Cloud-9!  And I don’t think Mike’s come down…I just got another text today saying “I think I’ll go craaazy if I don’t HIT THE WATER AGAIN SOON, Sis!!!”  Enough said…


Thank you , thank you, thank you Tommy!  You are an angel!  And a huge thank you also to Life Rolls On. Looks like we have another surfing addict now…


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Sorry Mikey, no diving from the pier...but LET

Sorry Mikey, no diving from the pier...but LET'S GO SURFING!!!

  • Mike - Man surfing rocks! Like I need another hobby to add to my list of already spinning out of control hobbies! But this is one I couldn’t pass up. It was awesome and I wish I had more time to do it more often. Hoping to surf again soon though. My buddy Tommy actually got a board set up but the couple of times we’ve taken it out it’s been pretty rough and just pretty much thrashed me. But I’m not giving up on it! Looking forward to surfing again very soon! I’m hooked! I missed the last Surf Again event due to health stuff…..but next one I’m there!

  • KeHoeff - hey this is a very interesting article!

  • Meghan - Mikey…can’t wait to see you at Zuma on July 18! Did you find a board yet?! Keep in touch! And send pictures!!

    Life Rolls On!

    Meghan Schinderle

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