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I know…I’m behind on my blogging. Waaaaay behind! But trust me when I say it’s been a whirlwind around here! It’s not just blogging that’s taken a backseat to my busy calendar either…my house is a wreck (think mail in the freezer, melted bag of frozen peas in my desk drawer and t-shirts hanging from the ceiling fans kind of disaster), Duke hasn’t seen the beach (or an on-time meal) in way to long and his unbrushed, shedding coat is now chasing me in mass clumps down the hardwood stairway, my hubby is probably immensely glad to be working some extra overtime (he’s on a 72-hr shift right now…bless his heart), and my email, Facebook and voicemail Inboxes are all reaching near capacity. BUT…..

I just finished an epic 7 hour boudoir shoot at an undisclosed (and AMAZING!!!) location last night and all I can say is WOW!

So it’s worth it, right?

I feel like the most blessed girl on the planet as I sit here and type. The shoots and adventures that have come my way, of late, are mind boggling. I’m busy doing what I love, and making ends meet…all at the same time!!! THAT, my friends, brings me pure joy! So stay tuned!…there will be some epic posts on this here little bloggity-blog in the coming week (or two…*sigh*)…


Oh, and did I mention I

Oh, and did I mention I've been getting to ride again lately? Ooooo yes!

  • Amanda - I want to go riding with you sometime. That would be a fun adventure with lots of laughs I am sure 🙂

  • Paigie - I LOVE this photo Bets! You look so beautiful, and HAPPY of COURSE! Your a little pony girl at heart! It makes me happy that you get to go back to your roots now and again and ride. You WOULD be on the horse named HEMI! HA HA!

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