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9 Days in Kidland


They were excited. We were excited. They got off the plane glowing, smacking loads of ear-popping bubble gum…and oooohh soooo ready for the beach! So off we went…

My niece and nephew made their annual migration south to visit Auntie Betsy & Uncle Mark this past week. While our 13  yr old nephew Jordyn has flown by himself to visit for the past few years, this was Desi’s (7 yr old niece) first unaccompanied flight and first trip down for a summer visit. And while they are the best (and I do mean well behaved, helpful, sweet and fun…BEST) kids ever, having them with us for 9 solid days WORE US OUT! We did more things in 9 days than we’ve done in months and were on the go allll daaaay loooong! Kayaking, snorkeling, body surfing, surfing, sand castle building, pool swimming (which mainly involved a handful of pennies, a stop watch and lotsa swimmers ear!), movies, hikes, days at the fire station, cake baking (congrats again Jeff & Erin!), dog walking, Padres games, and about 4 showers a day! It was exhausting! But uber fun. 🙂

Jordyn even got to spend an entire day at the fire station with Mark…working, playing and napping just like the big boys (Oooo…I’m gonna get it for that comment)! While the boys were off at work, Desi and I had a girls day…processing images (she’s decided that she wants to be a photographer too when she grows up…and specifically work as my Assistant!! Woohoo! I hope that one sticks…I could sure use her!), doing our hair, watching The Black Stallion and snacking on frosted rasberry Pop Tarts (oh yes!). She even attended my uber-fun PUG meeting that night…were she finally wore out at about 10pm and snored the whole ride home. Awww… And don’t believe her when she tells you that I woke her up with my flash, trying to get a shot of her snoozing in the car. She must’ve been dreaming. ;o)

Overall, the past 9 days have been a blur of oceans & pools, Eggo waffles, living room wrestling, 19 loads of beach towel laundry and two adorable, sweet-hearted kids with faces of angels and deranged senses of humor…just like us. *sigh*

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FINALLY....worn out!

FINALLY....worn out!

  • Alma - omg the picture of them sleeping that is too funny. it reminds me of the times i would try to sleep with them and just end up kicking one of them out to grandma’s bed…too cute.

  • Amy - Fun times!!! I want your life! Love these shots… you are amazing

  • Dianne - Do you want to adopt a 39 yr old as your niece?, you both seem like the coolest Aunty and Uncle around.

  • Amanda - Loved hanging out with you guys, and LOVE LOVE LOVE that you captured all your fun adventures!

  • Mike - Cutest kids ever! And that little smile of hers! She’s a cutie!
    Love the pics underwater also! Those rock! You need show me those caves also. Looks like there could be some good photo ops there! 🙂 Very nice!
    Love you guys!

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