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EPIC Announcement…

Guess what? Something so HUMONGOUS is going to happen in the next week… Something I’ve been working on for so long… Something that’s going to make both my life and my clients’ lives so much easier… Something so awesome it MUST be titled Epic… And something that’s LOOOONG overdue…

MmmHmmm…aren’t you EXCITED?!

Do you want a sneak peek?

Maybe a little screen captured image of what all the fuss is about?

Are you on the edge of your seat?

…Ooooh yes…I have your attention now, don’t I… You’re telling yourself you’ve needed a pick-me-up, a surprise, a yummy little life tidbit for a while now, right? And hitting Target (or the electronics store for all us nerds) again today just isn’t going to cut it. You need something more original…something uber-adorable…something that makes you feel good…something that makes you want to take a break from your work and ponder…

Ahhh…MmmmHmmm… guess what? I have soooomething for yoooouu! And I’m Tigger-on-a-Pogo-Stick excited about it!! I can’t wait for you to see it!

So…*deep breath*…do you really want to see it?

It won’t ruin it if I give you a sneak peek, right?

Okay…you’ve been sooo patient.


Website snapshot!

YES THAT’S RIGHT, all you smarty pants out there…MY NEW WEBSITE is almost ready to launch! And I’m can’t wait! Stay tuned my beloved blog browsers…for something new & exciting to check out! xo

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