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For the Love of a Belgian Princess…and the Sweetness of Oregon

Erika is Bryan’s Belgian Princess. They live in a quaint little Oregon castle and have two adorable children and Scout the dog. And I adore them ALL!

As much as I love my beachy San Diego home, my heart longs for days like this one in my hometown area of Southern Oregon:  acres of blue-green grass, brassy & golden in the waning light, stretching tall towards the sky & then bending in the soft, warm breeze…the sound of robin birds alerting in the trees and the occasional chaotic flight of a startled pheasant in the field…the sweet smell of summer grass & the earth blooming…and all around, the gentle, slow-paced peace of a sleepy little town.

Bryan & Erika’s shoot was a step back in time for me…of romping through the tall fields, avoiding the shocks from the hot wire fence, playing hard until your shirt clung to you and you collapsed in the cool shelter of the grass, laughing until your sides ached and then picking about a trillion little burrs out of your socks & shoes when you got back to the car. Pure bliss! And I’d love to do it all again, every day, with this sweet, special family. I’m already eager to see what our next shoot brings…I can’t wait!!!

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  • Tommy - Awesome job at capturing the family “doing their thing”. I liked the cart-wheel, the walking on the irrigation pipe, but the one that made my side hurt was the one with Dad holding the little girl and the boy is a TOTAL boy hanging upside down loving Dad’s attention.

  • Amy - B, you are so insanely talented. I love your style and am constantly impressed by your work! Keep it comin’…!

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