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The New Normal

If you’re reading my blog (I’m in awe), you’re probably looking for some recent photos I’ve taken, or at least some photography chat. Hmm…alas, today you get this. Pregnancy mumblings. Sorry to disappoint you…truly. I feel a weight of guilt over two things…the fact that I’ve hardly blogged much this past month, and the fact that most of what I think about blogging isn’t about photography, necessarily. It’s just about life. My life. My life of change, right now. So please accept my deepest, sincerest apologies for disappointing your photo-craving eyes with more talk of cravings, nausea and pudgy-belly-syndrome. If you’re already a parent, you’re probably laughing and will read on. If not, you’re probably thinking I’ve lost my edge…am turning in my wings…and preparing to fly a cargo plane full of rubber duckies out to Hong Kong [Top Gun analogy…for those of you who don’t have the entire movie memorized].

But this is life, today. For me. The photographer…Betsy Blue. Now with child. If you can, please be patient as the newness wears off and I get back to my job…my love…my photography. And I’ll try to give you something more exciting to look at than this…the epitome of my morning so far:

This Morning: Jesus, chai and a 1/2 a loaf of sourdough

The past 3 days, I have seen the morning sickness cloud of nausea lift. I feel like a new person…rejuvenated and ecstatically appreciating the ability to move about with ease (without carrying a baggie full of saltines & a banana everywhere with me). So, in celebration of what I hope to be the end of the 1st Trimester Plague, as I’m now calling it, I decided to step out in faith….and go to the EARLY service (my fav) at church. As I headed out by myself, with a belly full of raisin bran, into the gloriously sunny morning, I felt alive…and so grateful. I parked in a spot as far from church as I could, so I could enjoy the sunny walk for even longer. After a few hugs & hello’s, I took a seat next to a sweet gal named Kathryn and took in some very inspiring, filling words from Pastor Miles.

Not until I stood up to leave did I realize I needed a plan. And not just a “walk to your car casually” plan. I needed a “lear jet drop off in front of the closest edible item I could find” plan. I was beyond starving…after less than 2 hrs! So, I sprinted (it wasn’t pretty) to the Trader Joe’s next door and snagged a loaf of sourdough. As I stood in line to pay, I realized I was being watched. Not because I was of any normal interest. Not because I was so stunningly graceful in my Uggs and ratty jeans. And not because I was patiently waiting to pay before I partook. I was being eyed by several because I was voraciously devouring that loaf of SD…grasping handfuls at a time, as crumbs flew through the air and coated my hair and shirt, shoving them into my now dry-as-a-bone mouth. It was a beautiful mess.

I didn’t even remember leaving the store on my way into the next door down…Starbuck’s. Now, I know I’m going to pay for this confession, even as I type…but it’s the truth…and part of my hilarious morning. My hubby will probably put me on lock down when he reads this, since I agreed technically, truthfully (STUPIDLY) not to have caffeine while pregnant…BUT… ūüôā I HAD to have something to wash that bread down, right? A little caffeine is good for the baby, right? [sheepish grin]


ME:  [coming out of my hunger daze] Hi. Wow! You look just like Zooey Deschanel or that girl off Gilmore Girls! Gorgeous eyes, girl!

ZOOEY-LOOK-A-LIKE BEHIND THE STARBUCK’S COUNTER: ¬†Thank you! I get that a lot. [big grin]

ME:  I bet. May I please have a Soy Chai w/ no foam to go with my loaf of sourdough here?

ZOOEY-LOOK-A-LIKE BEHIND THE STARBUCK’S COUNTER: ¬†Sure! Quite a meal! What’s your name?

ME: ¬†Yes. I’m pregnant. [because that statement seems to excuse me from just about ANYTHING these days] And it’s B-E-T-S-Y…Betsy.

ZOOEY-LOOK-A-LIKE BEHIND THE STARBUCK’S COUNTER: ¬†Congratulations! I’m not going to charge you for soy, either Betsy, because you’ve put a huge smile on my face today! [writes B-E-S-T-Y on my cup]

ME: ¬†Awww…that’s very nice. Thank you.

ZOOEY-LOOK-A-LIKE BEHIND THE STARBUCK’S COUNTER: ¬†No problemo Mommy-to-be! Enjoy your day! [another big grin]

ME:  You too Starbucks-girl-who-looks-like-Zooey. [big grin] And may God richly bless your week!


A new normal…and a renewed understanding of everyday blessings and opportunities to love that are right in front of us.



  • Betsy, La Vida - From one B-E-S-T-Y to another! What a fun story to read! Thanks for sharing and putting it out there ūüôā You crack me up!!

  • luckypenny - Just stumbled on your site and love it — my name is betsy too, and I got a good laugh out of the “besty” on your cup. I get that all the time and it makes me a little sad for the phonetic spelling abilities (or lack thereof) of the world…

  • Jessica - And see. . . she didn’t spell your name wrong. . . she could see that you’re absolutely the BEST and therefore made a pun of the spelling of your name and just wanted to remind you that B-E-T-S-Y is the Best-y.

  • Amanda Noyes - I seriously was laughing… I can hear your voice, picture flying sourdough, and see focus in your eye as you dart. If this is your new normal- be excited. I pray you love pregnancy just as much every other day. I love you and miss you sooooooooooo much.

  • Jessica - You are going to be an amazing Momma! I’m so excited!!!! Seriously your pregnancy is really funny to me! Not that you are pregnant but your stories that go along with it!! THe sourgough story is awesome! I laughed so hard, because I can picture you totally doing it!!!! I cant wait to read about your daily life with the baby!!!! Keep us updated!

  • Paigie - Ooooohhh I love it! Love YOU! Your such a good writer Bets! Your the best Besty! i can totally see you in TJs today ( yeah I can abbreviate too sugar), I would have died laughing! Love you Busty! I mean Butsy… No sorry i mean Betsy!

  • Shannon - Oh my goodness Betsy…you are hilarious!! Thank you for making me laugh and I so wish I could be there to witness your pregnancy. It makes my own pregnancies seem they were’normal’ hearing what you are doing. Hahaha! And I believe a little caffeine is ok, at least I hope so….I had tea while pregnant with both my kiddos and they turned out great (at least I think so:)) Love you girl!!

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