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New faces (err…DERRIERE’s) up on the Boudoir website!

My mom will laugh…my dad will shriek…my hubby will probably ask if this is “appropriate”…and my own inner “healthy self” will mention something about hitting the gym again…BUT…yes, I said B.U.T. (not butt), I just had to jump in with both feet and post a very revealing blog post about nothing less than lovely, luscious, God-given derriere’s! I know…you’re like “Really…is this girl REALLY going to do an entire post dedicated to backsides?” Don’t forget who your talking about now…it’s me…remember? Straight forward, call ’em as I see ’em, brutally honest Betsy. I still have so much to learn about softening and etiquette…. *sigh*

But I couldn’t help it. There are some brand spankin’ new derriere shots up on my Boudoir site and I just couldn’t wait to tell someone! I think they’re gorgeous! Leave me some comment love here and let me know what you think! Whatever you choose to call it…derriere, buns, buttocks, backside, rear, tushy, booty patootie, bum, badonkadonk…it’s still one beautiful part of our God-given bodies and nothin’ to be ashamed about! Ask some of my boudoir clients…they’ll probably bring out their album and show you a few more beautiful bum shots they’re proud of! 🙂

And one more…because we live in beautiful, BEACHY San Diego!

  • Mike - I’m a little hurt you didn’t want to shoot my bum! 😉 Love ya sis! Great pics as always!

  • Krystle - Awesome stuff! I love the last shot on the beach! Keep up the great work Betsy Blue!

  • Tommy - Simply BEAUTIFUL!

  • Allison - Gotta give the booties some love, and I can’t wait for you to take some super cute pictures of mine for my hubby!!

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