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Recent FAQ’s!!!

Here are some recent FAQ’s from my Formspring page! Thank you to all who have shot questions my way…I love it! Enjoy!

In your opinion, what is the optimal time of day for outdoor portraits? I would think either morning or evening to avoid the midday sun, but I’ve noticed that some photographers like to shoot midday. I’d love to hear your take on the subject! by superkmbrle

Great question! I used to be afraid to shoot midday sessions, but I’m having more fun with it lately…blowing out the background and playing with the harsh light. But yes, I have to say that the soft light of early morning and the warm, even light of evening are still my most favorite. There’s just something about the life in light, at those times of the day…it makes ANY image more beautiful! Have fun and thanks for the question!!

Do you use OCF when you shoot? If so, what lighting equip is in your bag? And how did you learn how to use it (workshop, self-taught, etc)? Thanks! Love your photos! by allybailer

Hi! Thank you sooo much for your kind words! 🙂
I loooove shooting natural light but, that being said, there are always some situations that call for OCF or at least some reflected light. I’d say I use OCF lighting maybe 10% of the time, and usually it’s just at my boudoir shoots or wedding receptions.
I always carry a decent sized reflector and diffusor with me (which I use often), as well as at least three Canon Speedlights. I have the 580 EX’s and haven’t ever had any trouble with them. I use them with flash stands, umbrellas and Pocket Wizards to help accent, backlight, or fill when it’s needed.
I also have a full size, portable portrait studio lighting set up, but it rarely gets hauled off the shelf. 🙂
I’ve never had any formal training on OCF, but I sure could use some! LOL I have just learned what I know from working with other photographers and playing around, learning by trial & error, to see what effect I like.
Hope this helps! Maybe next time I get asked about OCF, I’ll have made time for a class or two and expanded my knowledge. I LOVE learning new things! Have fun!

hey…first of all let me say that you are beautiful as are your photos!! I am a VERY amatuer photographer. I don’t understant how to get crystal clear photos. I always have to go to a photoshop to get them clear but still not near what yours are??

THANK YOU for such a sweet comment! As for clarity, I get asked this A LOT! To tell you the truth, in my personal opinion, your lens quality has the most to do with the clarity of your images. I shoot mostly with Canon’s L series lenses and I have to say, they are aaaamazing! My favorite is the 50mm 1.2. However, I also know that I couldn’t AFFORD the 1.2 until I’d been in the business for many years. 🙂 Having said that, afford the very best lenses you can (choose that over keeping up with even the very best camera models), and shoot as steady as possible. Learn the basics of balancing your body and coordinating your breathing, to give you the sharpest focus you can obtain. The only out of camera processing I do to sharpen my images, is sometimes I run Kevin Kubota’s Magic Sharpening action in PS, when an image really needs some extra umphf. And keeeep shooting…all the time! Hope that helps! Keep in touch and let me know how you’re doing!

i’m still an amateur photographer and still dont call myself a professional yet. But i am hoping to start my own business someday. I got ask to do my very first wedding this spring! I’m excited but also very nervous. Best Editing software??

I currently use Lightroom 2 for 99% of my editing. I cull images there, retouch out any blemishes, and apply any presents if desired, all from Lightroom. I also use Photoshop, but only rarely.
I have used Bridge in the past and liked the flow if it as well, but for now am sticking with what I know best…Lightroom. 🙂

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