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Maternity Photography in San Diego, CA ~ Matt & Christy

To say that this couple is the coolest, doesn’t even begin to describe it. If I told you all the amazing-ness they hold in their lives, you wouldn’t believe me. They are truly a unique, amazing, blessed pair and I’m so grateful to call them friends.

Matt & Christy don’t just live on boat in a marina off the coast of San Diego. They don’t just randomly use umbrellas as sails while they skateboard together. And they certainly don’t just make my heart melt with the love they share for their soon-to-be-here little baby boy. They OWN it! This couple inspires me to live simpler, say less & mean more, share more of my time with others, create more joy in every little detail, and be a better mate…they are truly some of the most special people you may ever meet. Here’s a quick glimpse into their Land of Love with the baby boy who is soon to be blessed to join their journey through this world…

Oh yes…did I mention they rule the boards? Skate, surf and I’m sure snow as well! Seeing as I ALWAYS end up on my derriere, this is one talent I covet and respect them highly for. *sigh*

Their little nautical home is the cutest thing you’ll ever see! And they even have a wash machine on-board that washes and DRIES clothes all in one little unit! Boggles my mind!

I think Matt’s offering Christy the world on a string here… 🙂

  • Christy Henry - Thanks, Bets! What a blessing to have a friend like you to share this season with and what a blessing to have your amazing skills to capture this all on film for us to treasure forever. 🙂 You rock my world!!!

  • Amanda Noyes - Love that you captured them so well. They are all that you say they are and more. Way to give the world a glimps of some incredible people.

  • BetsyLa Vida - What an adorable couple! Very cute images, Betsy! So sweet and natural. Love it!

  • Lindsay Chavez - Ohmigosh! They live on a boat! They seem like such amazing people. That is one blessed kid! Thanks for your gorgeous images! 🙂

  • Lee Anne - They are ADORABLE!

  • Ali Brooks - Oh…and the last shot of you and them….=WOW! God sure did create a beautiful world for all of us to enjoy didn’t he.

  • Ali Brooks - Betsy, you never cease to amaze me. Your words made me feel like I already know them. You really are an amazing artist inside and out Bets!

  • sheri - So cute! I love that you’ve captured the essence of them! My in-laws live on a boat, too… so fun!

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