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Single greatest case of unused potential…

I woke this morning to what has become my day’s usual 5AM rooster-induced hello to the new day. But this morning, rather than roll over and find a comfy new spot under my pillow, I found myself reaching for my heart…feeling the heavy weight of burden on it. I was heartbroken.

Other than when I was pregnant, I normally don’t remember my dreams. But this morning I remembered each moment of last night’s dream as if it were a movie I had watched a hundred times. And the entire dream was a scenario of a portion of my life played out with one other person in it as the main character…it was scenes true and deleted, some new and recreated, but altogether reality in my dream. And as I sat literally clutching at my heart, I realized that this person, who came and went through my life, in my mind was the single greatest case of unused potential I have yet to witness. And I was heartbroken all over again…for the situation, for their life, for the utter disregard for such a body FULL of gifts from God…all being flagrantly wasted. God must shed a waterfall of tears when He sees his gifts tossed back in His face and ignored. It makes my heart hurt…

I used to write about things like this on my blog all the time…daily musings, things that touched my heart, and things I knew some people would roll their eyes at but that I felt I needed to get out. But life with a baby, a little farm and a busy job & life have been given priority. My little mind still writes stories and posts over and over again in my head, but they just never see the light of day. This morning I was so heartbroken, I had to get it out.

I truly believe that God has given each one of us a multitude of amazing gifts. And it may take me my entire life to figure out what some of mine are, but that’s part of the beautiful journey called life ! I sound like a broken record to those around me when I repeatedly say “Ahhh…THERE’S the lesson in this!” or “So THAT’S what I haven’t been seeing until now!” each day. But I LOVE learning! And I love it when I realize the thing I’ve been missing will make my life just that much fuller or that much easier…that  much richer.  Waking this morning to the crushing weight of heartbreak and burdened with the thought that I not only didn’t help that person from my past reach more of their potential but at that point in my life I think I may have even hindered them from finding their own gifts. I was selfish, unwise and on cruise control in my life. And I never want to be there again.

What would the world be like…what would your neighborhood, your office or your family be like…if we all chose to discover the amazing gifts God has given each of us and then use those gifts to better the world, and the lives of others, around us. What an AMAZING change we would all see…

What are YOUR gifts? What talent are you wasting that might bring you immeasurable joy to discover and use? And are you hindering anyone else from discovering, using and giving back with theirs?

I’m still selfish, unwise and sometimes fall back on cruise control in my life…but I’m less selfish, more wise and more actively enjoying every moment of my life MUCH more than I ever have before. I’m sure I’m still blind to many of my talents…but I try each day to discover what they may be. I suck at being a good friend and neighbor sometimes, when I get caught up in my own life…but I’m a better friend and neighbor than I’ve ever been in the past. And I’m a crummy wife, mom, daughter and sister…but I can honestly say, I strive every single day to be a better wife to my hubby, mother to my Mia, daughter for my parents and sister to my brother than I was the day before. I want to be a warrior in the war that is life, that God has placed in front of me. I don’t want to just do my job, take care of Mia & Mark and heave a sigh of relief that I survived another day, each day…I want to thrive and truly live each moment and breath of every day. I want to create and inspire. I want to help others reach more of their own potential while still being inspired to reach more of my own, EACH DAY. And I never want to wake up with the crushing burden of heartbreak any more…

It’s such an amazing, gorgeous, breathtaking journey…is it not?


  • Betsy - ERICA! So great to hear from you! Love & miss your beautiful joy-filled face, so much!

  • Erica Gwaltney - hey Betsy. It is me, Erica Gressett, from long ago. I found your blog and I love it! I really loved this post! It is good to know that you are in a good spot in life. I love you.

  • Shannon - I really and truly needed you to write that, just so I could read it. Beautiful and very true. You not only have a gift with a camera and perspective, but also with words. And I feel like you just put into words so many things I want to say, but don’t know how to. LOVE you and cherish who God has made you to be! And who he wants you to be. He who has begun a good work in you is faithful to complete it and it is so wonderful to see you seeking HIM!

  • Sharon (Mama Sita) - BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL It brought tears to my eyes. Your writing is amazing.

  • Nic B - Beautiful post Betsy! It is amazing to see how God guides us all, even when we are a little slower at recognizing His will. You ARE truly amazing and He is using you in more ways than you realize. **heart** you!

  • melinda botticelli - Such wisdom!! Thank you for sharing Betsy!! You blessed me with the perspective I have been looking for… search out His giftings in my parenting and wifering:) His Word says we are complete lacking nothing in HIM!! Oh may I be a wife, and mother in HIS strength not my own!!! Love and miss you friend!!!! I say—you share more like this:)

  • megan plenge - You are a fantastic writer! Love it. 🙂

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