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September…is for Horses.

This month is FULL of horses for me…gorgeous Andalusians & Thoroughbreds…jumpers & dressage mounts…sweet owners & riding partners…dusty arenas & open tracks. In other words, I’m one Tigger-on-a-Pogo-Stick  haaaaaappy girl. 🙂

Oh yeah…and Mia? She’s getting the hang of it all, already. At a VERY young age. I should be nervous (dollar signs bouncing across my eyes…shows every weekend, feed & farrier bills, new jackets & boots)…but for some reason, I’m not. I’m ridiculously excited! Go figure.

 I have NO idea what I’m cracking up at in the image above…but it’s obviously VERY funny.

Mia’s Royal auntie Bev…

This is her magnificent Andalusian, Max, who can literally climb tall buildings and scale the highest mountains…all while Piaffe’ing and doing a perfect Passage. Yes…he’s PERFECT.

 Switching mounts in the ring.

I’m getting a bit spoiled having my horses groomed, tacked & warmed up for me…it’s obscene. Really…kidding. *snerk*

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