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The Epicnicity that is Branding…It’s a B!G DEAL!

Yesterday was EPIC. I had a very hard time sleeping Tuesday night with all my pistons on overload, firing around thoughts about my rebrand. It’s just been “one of those things” for me… One of those things that gets passed over too easily with waaaay too many excuses why RIGHT NOW isn’t the right time. One of those things that I always thought I could get by with doing myself, if I just set aside enough time. One of those things that absolutely scared the living daylights out of me!

Out with the old! Prepare to say goodbye to this little template, baby. I’m soooo ready!

What I learned yesterday, is that it’s just like jumping a horse (I know…pretty subjective example, eh?). The first jump is a HUGE leap of faith…that you’ll know how to do it right, that you’ll remember all you need to, and that your horse won’t tank you off before take-off! But once you gracefully clear that first jump, you suddenly realize that it wasn’t hard at all. Everything you needed to do and remember was already in your grasp…you were completely capable but you just needed to dig a bit to pull it out. And now that you’ve cleared that first hurdle, you want mooooore! Lots more! Because finding out what you already know about yourself, defining your strengths, and putting them to good use, can only make your experience in life better. WAAAY BETTER!

Branding is exactly the same. It’s all about just making the leap of faith, being honest with and trusting yourself, and harnessing your full potential by putting your strengths to work for you. I’m so excited (that’s a HUGE understatement)…SOOOOOOO EXCITED (getting closer)…EPICALLY NAUSEATINGLY BEYOND-ALL-THESE-SILLY-WORDS EXCITED (now we’re talking) to see my business, and my life, change and grow when I actually focus everything on using the strengths that are inherently ME! What a novel idea, eh? Why doesn’t everybody do this? What’s really in our logo, our color scheme, our design, our tone…our branding? Whether you’re a photographer, a dentist, or you spend your weeks volunteering at your kid’s school…how much more impact would what you’re doing, what you’re providing, what you’re giving, make…if you used all of your God-given strengths to their fullest potential?

Something HUGE I became aware of and actually accepted yesterday, is that I’m a “harmonious” type of person…I thrive on bringing harmony into the lives of those around me. Sounded cheesy to me at first too…don’t get me wrong. 🙂 But life is FULL of friction and conflict. Part of my daily joy comes from looking for areas of common ground that we may have with the person standing next to us. I want to focus on the joy that harmony can bring to our relationships. It may seem like a small thing, but for me, like when it comes to my brides & grooms…I LOVE to find common ground with them and those we’re all working with, to help the bride & groom be able to relax, trust me as a person, trust my capability as their photographer, and just enjoy their day! One less possible point of friction for their BIG, amazing, special, and very busy wedding! Learning things like this about myself, harnessing their potential, AND building them into my brand is going to be awesome! The fog has been cleared away. 🙂 It has allowed me to get EXCITED about refocusing my business and using my strengths to help those I’m blessed enough to come into contact with. Onward & upward! xo

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  • Gary - Betsy, you got it my friend! We got chills reading this. Thank you for your openness, courage and ability to take that first jump. Big things are in store for you, and they are things that only you can offer, that are unique to your gifts and strength, and they are COMPLETELY doable because of who you are. Who you are is just right, it’s perfectly perfect for the clients that ‘get you’… what a perfect harmony, and what perfect imagery will come out of that trust and confidence. Thanks so much Betsy for your kind words, we’re happy to journey on this path with you and help in any way we can!!! Much love, Gary & Courtney and the B!G DEAL team.

  • Krysta Masciale - You’re amazing. Seriously. Can not WAIT to watch you own who you are and dive into building your new brand. 🙂 I heart you so so much!

  • siggy silvers - I sooo wish to be you!!:) Good luck and i am positve it will all turnout to be a beautiful success. miss you sweetie!

  • Courtney - I got CHILLS and teared up a little bit when I read this. I’m SOOO happy and excited that you are embracing your strengths, committing to be yourself and seeing all the amazing possibilities that those things offer your life and business. You are an amazing woman, a great friend and a wonderful wife and mother. I’m so proud to be your friend and can’t wait to see where you and your brand end up…somewhere sweet, feisty and harmonious. 😉 love you!

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