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365 Duke-less Days

I can’t tell you just how much I miss you…but I’m sure you already know.

I yanked a pair of jeans out of the depths of my closet last month, and as I was pulling them on, I immediately broke down in a million teary pieces…they smelled JUST like YOU. I must’ve forgotten to wash them after a cuddle session…or two.

Your little grave is all covered in sweet earth & plantlings now. I know you’re really not there anymore…but I still go out to talk to you. And your old nemesis Bucky still sunbathes against your cross.

It looks like life is bringing us two new dogs before the year is out. They’ll never replace you. They’ll never know why they can’t measure up. And they’ll never fill the void your passing left behind. They have no “big shoes to fill” because you didn’t wear wore wings.

You probably join the crowd of people that think it’s silly how I carry on about you. But you can snicker at me just like they must…I don’t mind. Your memory is worth it. My heart has to remember you.

God is so blessed to have you up there with him now. He may see unending turmoil down here on earth…but when He gazes in your eyes or strokes those silky ears, I know you must make Him feel just a little bit better. Enjoy your time with Him now…because I’m going to hog you both when I get there.

No words can express just how much I miss you… My heart just aches to have you by my side again.

I love you Duke and you’ll never, ever, in a million trillion years be forgotten.

  • Heather Underwood - Its not silly at all to feel the way you do about him, I feel the same way about my black lab Lucy. She is my best friend and while other laugh at how close we are, I just smile at the wonderful furry friend that God has given me.

  • Nicole - Ooof. I’m bawling..again. Beautiful post Bets. “…you didn’t wear shoes-you wore wings” Sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.
    It’s not fair that these beautiful creatures can only stay with us for a portion of our lives, yet they can leave the biggest imprints on our hearts-never to be forgotten. I miss him for you. Love the pictures- sweet Duke.

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