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Bend, Oregon Engagement Photography: Reminiscing…Paige & Brett

Reminiscing about a fun engagement session I was blessed to capture a few years back of my sweet Bend, Oregon bestie, Paige and her now husband, Brett…

After a dead battery in my jeep, a quick scramble to get everything together before the thunderstorm hit and an even quicker phone call, we all managed to pile into Brett’s truck and find this gorgeous open field of wildflowers. We played, romped and shot until the rains started…capturing some amazing light and an even more amazing moment in time. LOVE. MY. JOB.

Paige is one of my sweetest friends and has become more of a sister than a friend over the years. She’s THIS beautiful ALL THE TIME, both inside and out, and I’m so blessed to know her! Watching her life, love and adventures grow over the years has been such a joy, and I look forward to many more years of wild jeep romps, freezing cold lift rides down from Mt. Bachelor in the dark (whilst singing at the top of our lungs), cigars by the pool, fabulous facials by her at Spa Zante, cold Thanksgiving turkeys, sharing each others closets, drinking far too much good champagne, amazing conversations and genuine friendship… Life is too short not to have the kind of fun we have together. xo

This shot is SOOOOO Paige…I just adore it!

It’s too bad they’re so HOMELY, right? Sad, really… (eyes rolling)

After much cajoling at the very end of our session, Paige finally let me shoot a few of just her. This is now one of my most favorite shots of her adorable mug. (And since it’s been her profile pic FOREVER now, I’m hoping she “might” trust me a bit more in the future…*snerk*)

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