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After the Rain…

My life is busy. Really busy. Too busy, in fact. It’s a constant issue in our home…how to balance work, Mia-time, couple-time, the farm, the pets, our social schedule, travel & life in general. And all I have to say is…it’s a TALL stack of hearts to balance!

But I am SO blessed. I love my hubby, my kids, my job and our life. I look forward to all of our adventures & I’m learning (ever so slowly) to once again slow down & not sweat the small stuff. I don’t remember life ever being this hectic when I lived back in Oregon…but I have to remember I didn’t have a hubby, kids or a farm. 🙂 That being said, rain always has the instant ability to soothe me & make me stop in my tracks to chill out a bit. It reminds me of Oregon…where I wore my favorite rain boots & running slicker more days than not…and where I stopped to smell the fresh air every day.

So when this first SoCal rain woke me up in the middle of the night last night, I got excited. Not “hurry up & rush around” excited…but “I know tomorrow is going to be extra AMAZING” excited! And tomorrow…was. I drank tea…slowly. I stayed in my yoga clothes…all day. I ran to say hi to the neighbors…while carrying Mia…in a downpour…because I wanted to get soaked. I ate blackberry pie for snack…and lunch. And most of all, I hung out and spent sweet time with my Mia.

I’m learning…the BEST MOMENTS are the ones you take the TIME to ENJOY. No matter where they happen, or what’s happening. Just enjoy. Here’s some snapshots from Mia and I’s day…just after the rain. xo

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