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The Big Migration…

It’s been in the back of our minds on a “future” list, forever. We always were open to the idea of it happening “sometime”. We just never knew “when”.

Well…”when” just became “now”.

We’re moving.

I look at my life over the past 5 years, and I’m in awe of the incredible number of things that have happened…and how much the Lord has stretched, grown & chiseled away at me.

I am captivated by our growing little family, in love with what I am blessed be able to do each day…and I’ve never been so happy and so challenged all at the same time.

…marriage, babies, our little farm…places seen, moments witnessed, friendships enjoyed…things learned, edges softened, eyes more aware…I am eternally humbled by it all. And I’m forever excited for more.

© Nicole Benitez Photography

 As we slowly begin to sell off and pack up our sweet little country farm here in Southern California, we know we’ll miss it. It’s been such an incredible place to start raising our little family and enjoying all the fun a big city has to offer.

But as we start plans for our new home 800 miles north in Southern Oregon, we’re excited for the new adventure. Excited for nearby lakes you can still drink from, trails out your back door, only ONE major highway and many, many less daily hours spent on it.

My business will continue photographing both love & life in Southern CA, Southern OR, and anywhere else it calls, but as Baby #2 joins our little family, my spare time will now be spent more with friends, family & passions. Simplifying…enjoying each & every moment…and breathing in the freshness of this incredible life I’ve been given.

I’m eternally grateful for all the continued support from family, friends and clients and I pray your 2013 will also lead you back to the simplicity of enjoying.every.moment!

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