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Hello…my name is Betsy.

Hi…my name is Betsy.

It’s been 4 months and 10 days since my last blog post.

During that time, I did the following:  Sold our farm in SoCal, purchased a home in Oregon, sold 3 cars and most of our SoCal belongings, packed up all the rest, purchased a trailer, kept up with a toddler, kept up with our farm, managed to survive yet another challenging “Betsy Pregnancy”, had another baby…oh yes, and moved w/ said baby and said toddler and 2 dogs and 1 maniacal cat in tow. All while my sweet prince of a husband was up in Oregon suffering through yet another fire academy. BAM.

I feel like one of those marathon runners they show at the end of a long race. The ones who’s legs no longer have the ability to listen and they go all wobbly-hobbly across the finish line and collapse face-down in an exaggeratedly ungraceful way onto the pavement. Yup. That’s me.

But at the end of my race, I have THIS for a prize. Eat your heart out Ironman!

That was our sweet new angel Jax Hudson…at 6 days old. Here is the hulk today at 2 months:

And now that our little family is complete, and we’ve finished our journey back “home” to peaceful Oregon, I promise to try and stay up on my blog posts. However simple they may be. Because nowadays, EVERYTHING is getting simplified around here. 🙂 And we like it that way… xo

Our “backyard” lake…

The whole family’s very first hike around the lake. Pure happiness.





  • Amanda Niño - So proud of you for making it through that crazy time. Now for God to shower you with more blessings than you can imagine.

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