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2013 was, without a doubt, the single busiest year in my existence. And in 2014, I’m purposing to reap the benefits of all those tough, but exciting months…

I’m now choosing to take more showers over blogging, go to bed early instead of staying up to clean my office, and I’m spending amazing quality time making memories with my sweet little family rather than editing for hours on end. I’m out-sourcing more, stressing less and enjoying living in the beauty around me rather than fussing about capturing every moment of our personal lives on camera. All-in-all, I’m trying to keep my own personal priorities straight and living with intention.

This isn’t to say that I get to lay on the couch eating coconut-milk fudge bars (you’re welcome) and watching Netflix all day…I have two busy kids, a handful of busy pets, a hardworking hubby, my own business and a small farm to run. Somedays doing dishes takes the place of eating breakfast and some nights clean piles of laundry take the place of my bed. But it’s okay. My house isn’t perfect, but my heart is full…full of the sound of Mark’s voice reading books to Mia, full of the sweet smell of baby Jax’s hair, full of the joyous sound of Mia singing preschool songs. And I’m loving every moment of it…

I’m thoroughly, truly LOVING every single shoot I go on and am so blessed to continue to have the most amazing, genuine, loving clients come through my door. I have loads of shoots & weddings I “should” blog…but they may never see the light of day on the internet. And I’m totally fine with that too. Life has seasons, and I’ve decided this particular one, full of sweet smelling babies, is meant to be reveled in. xo

  • Betsy - You’re adorable…and awesome…and forever supportive, my sweet friend! THANK YOU! 🙂 Love to too girl…xo

  • Aimee Frederick - Oh my gosh. This is one of the MOST beautiful things I have read. It is a reflection of your contentment and happiness and conscious choice to live with intent and purpose. Well said Bets! Well said! Love you to pieces. xoxo

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