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Photography Internship – Summer 2015

Now accepting applications! This summer we have an internship position available to work alongside Betsy Blue Photography. This internship lasts for THREE MONTHS:  July thru Sept, 2015. Interns will need to commit to working weekends, with additional portrait shooting experience available throughout the week if desired. Deadline for online applications to be in is March 1, 2015.

Summer internships are designed to give practical experience in photographing weddings and portraits as well as useful business knowledge. Interns finish the summer with a better idea of what it takes to find success in this high-stress industry. Other opportunities include senior and family photography as jobs present themselves over the internship season. You will have the opportunity to learn camera settings, client interaction, posing, lighting, and the flow of a boutique photography business. You will represent Betsy Blue Photography and be referred to as our photography assistant on wedding days. Your assisting duties include but are not limited to: carrying a few things, running errands, watching for details, reflecting, and possibly snapping a few photos. To apply for this position, click here.

Please educate yourself on ALL the details PRIOR to submitting an Application:

Q: Do I need my own camera and gear?

A: No cameras or gear will be provided. If you would like to LEARN, having your own camera and at least a basic knowledge of shutter speed and aperture, is a good idea. 🙂

Q: Do I have to be in Southern Oregon to work with you?

A: Unless you enjoy REALLY early morning/late night travel, you will want to live close by. Interns are required to be present for the duration of weddings, as well as optional portrait sessions as needed.

Q: What will I be expected to do?

A: As an intern, you will learn as much as you choose to learn, and work hard in return. During weddings and portrait sessions, you will be expected to be fit and able to carry equipment, set up lighting gear, assist with lighting & reflecting, as well as possibly shoot. Aside from actual shooting sessions, you will learn the in’s & out’s of studio management and assist with everything from culling images to post office runs. Interns need their own form of reliable transportation.

Q: What will I learn from my internship?

A: Your progress, as a photographer, during this internship will solely depend upon you. We will work hard to challenge you and provide you with the tools you need to grow beyond your current situation, but this is NOT a photography school. The more you learn from peering over our shoulder and practicing on your own time, the deeper we’ll be able to delve into grittier photography skills. Here is a brief list of things you will experience and have the opportunity to learn:

  • How to pose subjects
  • How to better use light, naturally and off-camera
  • How to shoot for your own brand & style
  • How to attract the client base you want
  • How to work with the gear you have
  • Office management, software & basics
  • Basic image processing
  • And most importantly, how to juggle 2 kids & 2 cameras! Get ready!

Q: Can I attend only parts of the shoots or internship that are convenient or interesting to me?

A: Unfortunately, Interns are expected to fully commit for the three month term. I will be spending my valuable time teaching you…but you will learn best by being present for the duration of the shoot/schedule/internship.

Q: Can I participate in the internship and still work another job or attend school?

A: Each situation is unique, but we are more than willing to work to try and make your internship a good fit if you have other responsibilities. We just need an absolute commitment from you on the final schedule we come to agree upon.

Q: What are the copyright agreements during & following my internship, and who owns the images I shoot?

A: While working with Betsy Blue Photography, you will be expected to act as a member of the team, which includes presenting yourself in a respectful, professional manner to clients, vendors, guests and extended people you meet during your time here. You are NOT permitted to market yourself in any way to anyone you meet during your internship here. You will be permitted to use the images you shoot in your private portfolio as well as a professional blog, with full, immediate credits given to Betsy Blue Photography. You will not be permitted to use your images in any public manner, including online websites or social media. You will also NOT be permitted to use the photos for any promotional activity in third party publications or websites (like wedding websites, blogs or magazines), or for commercial or monetary gain. These guidelines exist to protect both your and our brand reputations. Interns are here for three short months to LEARN. Once you have more knowledge under your belt, you will have plenty of opportunity to increase your online presence. For any questions, or if you’re unsure about a certain situation, it’s always best to just ask.

Q: Will I get paid for an internship? Do I have to pay you to work with you?

A: No and no…Internship learning experiences are free and unpaid. Internships are set up to provide a working, learning environment and real experience…both are invaluable.

Q: I missed the deadline…can I still apply?

A:  Contact Betsy directly for internship status:  betsy[at]

If you’re interested in taking your skills to the next level and learning with us but the internship is not a good fit for you, we also offer photography mentoring sessions throughout the year. Fill out the contact form or just email Betsy directly for details. xo

  • Betsy - Hi Maddy…thanks for your interest! Here is the link for you. 🙂

  • Maddy Hopkins - Hello Besty!
    My name is Maddy Hopkins. I am very interested in applying for your internship for this summer! I can not seem to find the application on your website/blog. I would love to apply!! Could you forward it to me? If so that would great! Thank you so much I can’t wait to hear back from you!

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