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A Year for Mothers…

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many of our friends are pregnant right now. Some dear, close friends…Paigie-Pie, Auntie Lala, Mar-Mar (the list goes on & on)…yes they are THOSE kind of nicknamed, loving, cherished friends…and they are ALL prego. It’s incredible! I’m so excited to watch each new mom, or mom adding to her brood, head into a new world of love. And let’s be honest…a new kind of crazy that only kids can bring.

This Mother’s Day is so special for so many reasons. Even as I’m overwhelmed with all the new life, I also have friends who have just recently lost their angels…infants on their way into our Father’s arms, leaving mothers broken and battered. As I reflect upon my own special mother being so near, being a mom to my own children, and all of our dear friends who have ventured into the journey of motherhood, I realize that I’m surrounded by a wonderful community of warriors; giant-hearted women who believe in the power of love, want the best for their babies and truly seek to help raise amazing beings to the very best of their ability, come hell or high water.

That community…is amazing to me. Inspiring, heart-warming & empowering. Such a blessing…

Wishing the most beautiful of Mother’s Days to all of you inspiring warriors out there…newly pregnant, in the throws of rearing angels, or who have just surrendered precious little souls up to our Heavenly Father. Stay the course, focus on the joys, stand back & breath when you’re overwhelmed, and in everything…never forget who’s babies you’re rearing. They are gifts from God…set preciously into our meager hands to care for. Treat them like the angels they are and reach out for help if you need it, because we are ALL surrounded by warriors and we all need this village of mothers.

My dear friend Maura, who joined me on some of my recent Southern California work travels, literally found out she was pregnant the week before she flew out to meet me. We captured her fresh, sweet, 8-week pregnant surprise on the beach  one evening. It was heavenly…perfectly timed…and beautiful. And is a beautiful reminder of the miracle of it all. xo


  • Debbie Rayburn - Betsy so beautiful. We lost our TJ boy, but we know we will be reunited with him in heaven.

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