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Engagement Photography | Michael + Kaia | Part I

When you find a great love, hang onto it. In all my years of doing photography, I’ve found beauty in great stories…great love stories, triumphant family legacies, and fairy-tale weddings.

I was so in love with the beautiful setting I found to shoot this lovely couple in…and I am even more in love with their great love story. Michael and Kaia met each other while Salsa dancing in Ashland, Oregon; a hilarious tale of cat & mouse, finally ending up with her number on his palm. Their courtship was filled with months of travel, music, dancing, adventure, exploring, enjoying their children, their deepening love for each other, and relishing life. Bound by their love of travel, adventure led them to Tulum, Mexico, an area filled with stunning Mayan ruins and beautiful sights. Michael surprised Kaia in Tulum with a beachside proposal, to which she said a resounding YES!

I know their love story is not over yet…it will be filled with many more moments of beauty and joy (we’ve already secretly planned an anniversary session in Tulum…be still my beating heart!). Their engagement session was so romantic; beginning with some good wine and ending in fits of laughter. I had them nestled in the Oregon mountains, wandering through tall golden fields, hiking hand-in-hand along winding dirt paths. Such a beautiful, adventuresome, scenic location for the same kind of couple…I truly cherish them both!

Follow along with the blog in the next few weeks to learn more about them and see the second part of their engagement shoot!

Wardrobe:  Summit & Fields

Film:  Contax 645, Zeiss 80mm, Kodak Porta 400

Scanned & developed:  My angels at The Find Lab 

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