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Merry Christmas…from Betsy Blue

Merrrrrry Christmas! I hope today finds you with a full belly and a joyful heart, sharing space with someone you hold truly dear!

Capturing memories on film is an opportunity I feel I’ve been given to share my gifts…but it’s not just about the images. It’s about the relationships and the community around those cherished memories. I LOVE being allowed in to tell each person’s unique story, but just as much as telling it, I love knowing it. Knowing what makes each person who they are, knowing where they’ve been and how far they’ve come, and seeing who the beautiful soul in front of me is right then…it’s magical. More magical than those eight flying reindeer, that’s for sure!

In this season, it’s so easy to focus on presents and parties. But we all know that’s not what it’s about. Whether we believe Jesus is the reason for the season, or whether celebrating family and the unity this cherished time of year can bring is our focus, it’s definitely not the presents…but possibly the gifts.

The gift of love, the gift of life, the gift of forgiveness…no matter our situation, we ALL have a deeper gift to be grateful for.  Sharing our love, listening to others, and reaching out beyond ourselves is an amazing gift to give. Because when all the food is eaten, all the presents unwrapped, all the lights taken down…those lasting gifts remain.

Thank you, a thousand times over, for a year filled with your love stories. You are all the most beautiful gifts to me and I cherish each one of you. xo

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