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So honored to have these demure bridal shots of sweet Bianca featured on both Wedding Sparrow and Boudoir Collective. What an honor! And what a treasure it was to capture such minimal, lovely, serene images of such a sweet moment in life.

I love that my brides see the potential of real moments as art, and long to have them captured that way. The delicateness of a bride, the romance of her wedding day, and the beauty she encapsulates are some of the most beautiful moments. My brides expressing a desire to have those moments captured, to feel those same feelings again years down the road, makes my heart sing. Images like these open up the idea of capturing that wedding morning intimacy in a more demure, simplified, curated, and lovely way. What a treasure to have for years to come!

My heart for this session was to keep it as minimalist as possibly. I wanted ALL the focus to be on soft, demure bridal imagery…and lovely Bianca. I’m so drawn to a minimal palette. There’s something absolutely timeless about subtle, demure images of a bride-to-be or wife captured like this…there’s an eternal feel, and an innocence to that simplicity.

I personally believe there is a unique time and place for boudoir work. I show a very limited amount of my work publicly to inspire women to see boudoir differently than they may have seen it before. But overall, it’s a very intimate, personal capture that usually stays between a man and his wife.

I think it’s empowering to a woman’s soul for her to feel beautiful. She may think she is lovely, or she may believe she’s not…but to face our uniqueness directly and celebrate how beautifully we are each made, is powerful. It has the potential to release an open bravery in woman they may not find elsewhere.
This is, again, why I prefer a more demure, natural side to my boudoir. To me, it’s not about sex or desire, so much as it’s about an appreciation for one’s self…the way we are uniquely and beautifully made. Seeing ourself through the images captured by a professional photographer, can unlock the door for us to walk out in confidence and feel our own unique, true beauty. There is raw power in that…power to share our stories, power to help others, power to inspire another woman to feel that free and alive in herself.

The sun was so intense streaming in through the windows, that I found myself posing Bianca in the shadows to begin with. I momentarily forgot that film is so unbelievably forgiving when it comes to sunlight. 🙂 The closer I inched her back into the light, the more I was loving what we were creating. The reflections off her smooth skin, the silhouettes through her veil…it was just so lovely!

Bianca had the most effortless way of poising herself for each frame…it was such an absolute pleasure to photograph her when she moved so freely and naturally in front of me.

At one point, I wanted to delicately place Bianca in a vintage velvet chair. At first, all the layers upon layers of her beautiful tulle skirt and cathedral veil seemed overwhelming to her small frame. But when I stood back and saw the light streaming in through the window, cascading over all those layers, I knew it would remain lovely and have that still-delicate feel I was going for. I’m forever amazed what light and film can do together…it’s the most incredible union!

On my way out the door on the morning of the shoot, I had a last minute thought to wander through my garden at home to see what blooms I might be able to forage. There was one single, incredibly variegated pink rose that stood out to me, hanging across my back garden fence…I hadn’t even known we had a rosebush back there. It had so much color and truly looked painted! I quickly brought it along just in case, and was so in love with the frames we captured with it up next to beautiful Bianca’s face…what a lovely little addition to this demure session.

Film Lab: The Find Lab

Tulle skirt: BHLDN

Rentals: Minery Rental Company

Veils: Alisa Brides

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Looking so forward to getting back down to my second home in San Diego, CA next month and catching up with friends. THIS handsome mug is one of them…and he’ll be lucky to have any velvet left on that perfect muzzle after I finish catching up on kisses. 🙂

If you’re local to the area, I still have a few spots available for equine / horse sessions, engagement photography, family portraits, maternity photos, intimate bridal boudoir sessions, etc. Feel free to drop me an email (betsy (at) to see what’s available! xo


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What’s better than celebrating your best friend getting engaged?…celebrating your best friend getting engaged with an all-inclusive boudoir party!

These gals were the SWEETEST! We captured their friendship, engagement excitement, beautiful bodies, lovely details and fun together at the lovely Condor’s Nest Ranch in Southern California last year. The delicate floral corsets, romantic tulle skirts, flower crowns, champagne, french macaroons, and other delicious pastries were so beautifully put together. And the grounds at Condor’s Nest were a perfect backdrop with a luscious greenhouse, botanical gardens and breezeways, outdoor cocktail bar and pool, soft green rolling hills and remarkable views. What a fun shoot to capture for a lovely group of girlfriends!






















This beautiful session was recently featured on Lace in Light. So much fun for these ladies love for each other to inspire other friends to do something similar! xo


MUAH:  Jeanette Crutchfield

Venue:  Condor’s Nest Ranch

Sweets:  Sweet Salt Food

Skirts:  Etsy

Intimates:  Nordstrom, Forever 21, American Eagle

Equipment:  Contax 645, Canon 5DMIII

Film Processing:  The Find Lab

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